10 Tips To Bring Free Traffic To Your Site

It is easy to have tons of traffic when you are already a long way down the road. You have money, you are established and more likely you know what you're doing.

But What about when you're fresh in the market, how do you go about getting traffic and generate Leads & Sales? I'm about to show you...!!!

There are many factors that affect the amount of traffic you get to your site everyday, such as backlinks, SEO settings, contents, paid promotions, just to mention some of the key factors, and of course the ability to get this traffic for free. But how do you Get the last one? Well, you are in the right place.

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I have created a list of the Top 10 Tips that I'm pretty sure will definitely bring you tons of free traffic. Note: This method will only work 100% , if you implement all of them to your site. Enjoy the ride!!

Tip 1. Partner with Other Content Creators - co-hosting blog contents is a great idea to generate Traffic to your site. You can host webinar together, create recipes or guides in videos together, joint Podcasts. That creator will then post that content in her/his blog with a link to your site, generating traffic and potential sales.

Tip 2. Post on Social Media Platforms - You can post on different medias. But don't just post the whole article. Instead, post only the first to paragraph or 2 of the article (make sure it is catchy and interesting) and a the end of the last paragraph put a "Click to Continue reading" button linking to your site.

When they click it and land in your site make sure you have popup that collect their email address. This way you can later email them with new contents, generating more traffic.

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Tip 3. Paid Ads - wait, I know what you thinking "it is not free traffic". Actually, there are free paid traffic. Let me explain, google will often give you $25, $50, etc worth of traffic for free. You can take advantage of those offers and give your site a quick boost. It is free paid traffic. Yeup!

Tip 4. Post Whole Articles on LinKedin - linkedin is one of those platforms that people want to stay in the site when they reading articles and not be redirected to other sites to finish reading. Don't forget to include visual contents like pictures not just just plain texts.

What you could do is to include diy guides on how to do things, for example, how to do this and that in 3 simple steps? , 5 advanced method of creating your own whatever? Link these guides to your site and don't forget the popup to collect their emails for future invitations to your site.

Tip 5. Comment on other's People Blogs - Comments are a very powerful tool to generate traffic to your site. When you want to comment you will notice that it will ask you for your name, and url. Your url should be your site web address. Please, don't just comment "it is nice" "great article", etc. Leave a detailed comment. Make interesting. If people like your comments, they will click your url landing on your site. Don't forget that popup.

Bonus Tip !!

CashBlurbs is a source for web traffic that you can use as along as you want for free. It also has a monthly subscription option for a low price. You can easily generate free traffic with this website. Check it out!

Tip 6. Give Away Free Stuff - giving always have its own rewards. In this case, make sure sure whatever you give away is digital. Meaning you wont have to pay for it or pay for shipping. Example, create recipes, diy methods, how to guide, e-books, etc. Have them provide their emails , in order to get these free products. You can later invite them back for new contents.

Tip 7. Youtube Videos - Create a youtube channel and upload your contents. maybe your are camera shy, it's ok. You can do the videos showing contents with your voice only or just texts. According to google, videos generate 10x more traffic than just plain text or pictures. What to include in the videos? anything and everything.

How to guides, diy tutorials, my grandmother recipe to this and that. Be creative! Make it interesting! You can do it!

When you make these videos, white the link to your site. If viewers liked your videos they will hit that link and land on your site. Collect their emails.

Tip 8. OnePress Social Locker - This is a WordPress Plugin that lock on certain things in your site and people have to share your post, in order to get access to that content. Example, e-books, how to guide, bonus materials, etc. This will bring more people to your site and this is how a post go viral, by sharing it.

Tip 9. Don't write about general ideas. It will be to hard to compete with already established sites. Instead, go as narrow as you can. Go specific. If you write about a restaurant, then write about a specific type of restaurant, like Chinese or Spanish restaurant, etc. This way when people are looking for specific type of restaurant in google you will rank high, since you are specific.

Tip 10. Go live!! - you can go live in basically every social media platforms at the same time. This is huge! If viewers like what they see, they are likely to share your live. People are more engaged when they are actually watching the content. You can make offers and them come click on your url to access that offer. Again, be creative, the sky is the limit!

Finally, there many other creative free ways to generate lots of traffic to your site. These are just the one I personally think have the most impact when it comes to free web traffic. I strongly suggest that you implement all of these tips if you want great results.

I really hope, these tips can help you in your quest to free traffic!! Take care !!!


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