The Best Way To Grow Your Instagram Page

Instagram is the world's #1 social media platform for Influencers today by far. A place where you can be whoever you want or desire, but at what cost. Who wouldn't want to have millions of followers, be popular and best of all be a well known influencer?

All of us would! So the question is How can I accomplish this level of Instagram success? Luckily to you, you're in the right place.

First of all, lets talk about what you shouldn't do to grow on Instagram which can bring you lots of negative results including the suspension of your account. Instagram algorithm is getting really smart. And can easily detects when something fishy is going on with your account.

For instance, follow for follow, the used of bots, buying followers, likes and comments and the automation of actions (likes, follows, comments). Although, this could work for a week or two you would go to far with these methods.

Instagram will notice it and warn you and you persist and it will eventually banned your account. We don't want that, right? of course not!

Thats why I have put together the best a list of recommendations which I personally think will help you grow your Instagram page the right and healthy way. Here we go!

1. You need to identify who is your targeted audience - for instance, if you your page is about sports, then your targeted audience should be athletes, fitness related people. But that's the thing, don't just stay there.

You need to find out not only just their age and gender, but also what are their interests, habits and possible problems that they might have. So you could later provide them with contents which can potential help them. That's how you gain loyalty and trust from followers. Then, they will share your page with friends gaining you more followers.

ManyQuotes is very useful tool that generates Unique viral content for social media based on inspirational quotes made specifically for you. People get attracted to quotes which can motivate them to do more in life. ManyQuotes can help you generate these touching quotes.

2. Create Consistent Content - Make a list of at least 4 topics that will interest your targeted audience. In this case, fitness motivation, sport related clothing & accessories, nutritional advices, just to mention a few. Now, start writing and posting about these topics. Include #s in every post and why they should follow these recommendations and a call to action ( ask them for their opinion about the post).

3. Take advantage of Instagram SEO - Your user name and your name can be different. Don't just write your name on both. If your name is Anna Smith, don't use it as your user name. Because the only way you can be found on Instagram is if someone look for exactly that name.

Instead, get a catchy and common user name , in this case sport related like SportyGoods or SportContents. The objective is to use at least one word of your content related topics in your username, so you can send the message of what you are about.

Your chances to show up on the search box are higher, since you are using content related words in your username. Just be creative! You can do it!

4. Define a Reach Strategy - Once you already have at least 7 or 8 posts in your page and your profile is well organized, it's time to bring followers to your page. The best way to do this is to promote your contents with Instagram paid promotion, collaborate with influencers, detailed comments on other similar pages, promote free how to guide, post daily with lots of #s , and the most important of all post video.

People tend to respond way better to videos than just texts or pictures.

Now, one thing many people have in common is that they all want to make money with their Instagram accounts. If you are one of those people, just like me, then I recommend you to follow all of steps above strictly.

I also recommend using the Step by step guide below on how to monetize your Instagram account effectively. It is a great tool to start earning on Instagram.

Ok people, this is it for today. I hope these advices works well for you as they are working for me. Take care and stay safe!!!


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